In order to guarantee and attest to good practices in organic production, you will find the following badges on our products.

Certification of ecological agricultural production ES ECO 019 CT of the European Union, which establishes and guarantees the regulation of production, elaboration, labeling and the control system of our sprouts. In this way we can ensure that our products are uncontaminated aliments.

Badge of the Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production (CCPAE). The technicians of this department carry out periodic inspections throughout the entire production, elaboration and packaging process.

Certificate of conformity from the Consortium for the Control of Organic Production (CCPB) which guarantees that the seed we buy in Italy is 100% organic.

Why organic cultivation?

Because of health

When a seed is stimulated by water, it starts the process that will turn it into a plant. To make this possible, it transforms its composition, which is enriched with enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and proteins.

Exactly when it germinates, it becomes an aliment full of life which can bring great benefits to our health. It should be noted that most of the properties of a vegetable are in a much higher concentration in its germination state.

In this way, we will find some that are more suitable for increasing the protein intake, as in the case of legumes, or others that, like broccoli, are especially rich in calcium and magnesium.

Plants in the process of germination protect the organisms’s metabolic functions and have great regenerative and revitalizing power, unique in maintaining and restoring health. They stimulate the immune system with its strong antioxidant power, slow down cellular aging and help relieve stress, fatigue and degenerative diseases.

Sprouts are predigested aliments. Its high enzyme content regenerates the intestinal flora, improves digestive processes and the assimilation of nutrients.

To the mentioned we must add the low content of fat and its easy digestion.

Being living foods, sprouts keep their nutritional properties intact. The fact that they have been obtained and packaged in an ecological way allows to prolong their life and therefore their qualities.

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Because of respect for the environment

Seeds are our most precious treasure. We only use those of ecological origin, certified according to European standards. The plants from which they are obtained have not been treated with pesticides, fertilizers or other synthetic chemical plant protection products.

Neither can the seed be treated for storage beyond what is permitted by applicable law.

Thus, respecting our raw material, is how we also respect the environment, promoting the conservation of balanced soils.

Commitment to the earth: Biodegradable packaging

Since its inception, Cultius Ecològics del Vallès has been a company committed to the environment. That’s why we are so concerned about minimizing our footprint on earth. For this reason, we have opted for the use of eco-friendly plastic in our packaging.


The origin of our packaging is in the plants. Corn and potatoes, among other vegetables, convert carbon dioxide and water into sugars. They do this through the leaves and roots with the impulse of solar energy.

Corn field, close up

The starch obtained from these crops is the raw material. With the help of microorganisms, it undergoes a fermentation process. The result is the granulate of ecological non-contaminating plastic with which are fabricated our packagings.


These packagings are compostable, so when they are thrown in the organic waste container, they end up being transformed into compost within 8 to 12 weeks. The resulting product is reincorporated into the cycle as a plant fertilizer entering the circle again.

Commitment to quality

CULTIUS ECOLÒGICS DEL VALLÈS is a company that has put all of its experience into the artisanal processes of cultivation, elaboration, preparation and distribution of sprouts and distinguishes them with its own brand BROT D’OR.

We focus our efforts on the constant search for a high level of satisfaction for all our clients, meeting their requirements for product quality, food safety and service. To guarantee that, we count on the proper training of our staff as a fundamental tool, as well as we rely on the continuous improvement of the services and activities developed by the company.

Our values are:

  • • Caring for people, customers as well as workers and producers..
  • • Respecting and caring for the environment, our surrounding world..
  • • Respecting and taking care of the product..
  • • We are socially responsible, ensuring business ethics and compliance with established legal requirements.
  • • Commitment to the quality and food safety of our products.

To ensure compliance with current legislation and food safety, we carry out a series of strict hygiene controls during the whole process. For the same purpose, we apply rigorous traceability monitoring protocols..

Of course, the company also follows a plan of preliminary analytical control and self-control of the germination process by the control of pathogenic microbes associated with the germinated seeds. These include tests to detect Salmonella spp., Escherichia coli and Listeria monocytogenes.

The company has opted for the model of the scheme of the International Food Standard (IFS Food), , in accordance with a food safety management system based on the principles of the HACCP system and its prerequisites. This ensures that only food in good conditions passes through the facilities and guarantees the satisfaction of the customer.

This certification also allows increasing the presence in the international market.

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