Sprouts, as being living food, maintain their nutritional properties for a long time if we treat them properly. Of corse, you need to follow some recommendations to get the most out of it.


Consumir-los crus és la millor manera d’assimilar tots els seus nutrients i apreciar-ne les seves qualitats organolèptiques en plenitud. Però no cal tancar portes. Coccions curtes i poc agressives també donen bons resultats. La calor pot aportar sabors i aromes nous com amb qualsevol vegetal. Per saber-ne més, visiteu l’apartat de receptes.


In order to prevent them from an ongoing development, or even from getting rotten, it’s important to keep them in the fridge and properly closed in its packaging. The cold inhibits this process and prolongs its life. Yet, it’s recommended to wash them the moment before consuming.

It’s also necessary to be aware that we deal with sprouts, small plants in its inicial phase, which react sensitively to elements surrounding them. In this sense, if they stay exposed to light, they can vary their coloration, in most cases tending to the color green of the photosynthesis.

Occasionally, if we look close enough, we will be also able to see how some of the sprouts under certain circumstances are developing tiny whitish filaments. It’s nothing else but the beginning of the plant’s root system, starting with the first root in its natural process of growth


De la mateixa manera que els germinats concentren les propietats nutricionals de la planta, sovint ho fan amb el sabor i l’aroma. És per això que convé aprendre a combinar els de sabor més intens amb els que ens aporten matisos més subtils. A tall d’exemple, un pessic de germinat de ceba o de rave és suficient per aportar prou gust, i també atractiu visual, a una amanida amb l’alfals com a protagonista. Per saber-ne més, visiteu l’apartat de receptes.


The wide variety of sprouts offered by Brot d’Or makes them suitable for all tastes and needs. Legums such as peas or lentils are a good source of protein for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. In the same way, alfalfa and broccoli, due to their high content of calcium, are very suitable for people who need to strengthen the bones or slow down their deterioration (children, elderly…).

Enjoy the authentic taste of each sprout and its particular crunchy texture!


Enjoy the authentic taste of each sprout and its particular crunchy texture!