Germinated sprouts of beetroot

Visually it’s the most attractive of the sprouts. Its tonalities may differ according to the variety of the used beetroot, but there always predominante magenta tones.

What does it contain?

The betanin that gives beetroot sprouts its colour is one of the most appreciated compounds. It’s a very powerful antioxidant that protects from free radicals and premature aging. In the same way acts vitamin C. This vitamine also helps to assimilate the high levels of iron of the beetroot sprouts.

Vitamins from group B, very present in this product, have an important role in the assimilation of carbohydrates, in antibodies production and in the preservation of a healthy nervous system.

The beetroot sprout is also very rich in folic acid, really important for pregnant women.

Besides iron, iodine, essencial for thyroid functions, and silicon, necessary for collagen synthesis, stand out among the components.


Colourfulness is the main attraction of beetroot sprouts in our recipes.

Apart from contributing its bright colour, it also gives a subtle earthy flavour similar to tubers.

It’s ideal for salads, soups, vegetable creams and milkshakes.