Germinated sprouts of broccoli

The sprouts of this plant of the cabbage family (Brassicaceae) is one of the most appreciated for its benefits to our health. Even more popular than kale, it has been for many years now the favorite of those who understand alimentation as a basis for health. Its characteristic taste and a very different texture to that of the adult plant, put it to the podium of the favorites among consumers.

What does it contain?

-Calcium is one of its most important components, it helps strengthening the bones and stopping osteoporosis.

-The high magnesium content acts on the muscular system, it’s giving it vitality.

-They also improve intestinal transit. Consuming them helps to eliminate the counterproductive bacteria from the intestine.

-Glucorafanine is one of the most valued elements by many consumers of this product for its antioxidant qualities. Its assimilation, being transformed into sulforaphane, has benefits such as being anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic, in addition to regulating the cardiovascular function and cleansing the liver.

-It also helps preventing the formation of cancer cells and protects healthy ones.

-Vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, C and K are also present, as well as folic acid and iron, so it is recommended for pregnant women.


The taste of broccoli sprouts blends perfectly into the salads, giving it a strong personality.

In its raw state it can be used as an intense and fresh side dish for meat, fish and roasted vegetables.

If we want to set it over the fire, it is better to use short cooking times, for instance in a vegetable wok with boiled potatoes reminiscent of a trinxat or in an egg stir-fry.

It should be remembered that heat makes losing some of the nutritional qualities of the product.