Brots germinats d’alfals BIO

Els brots germinats d’alfals, pel seu contingut nutricional tan important i la seva versatilitat en la cuina, s’han convertit en un dels més consumits. Els seus beneficis són tants que podríem qualificar-ho com superheroi del món vegetal.

70 – 200 gr

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-Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, we can highlight the presence of vitamin D, C, H (biotin) and folic acid, among others A, E and from group B (B1, B2 and B6).

-Vitamin D helps to assimilate calcium and phosphorus. Its deficiency is related to ailments such as obesity, depression, hypertension, dementia, allergies and diabetes.

-Its high amount of vitamin C makes alfalfa sprouts perfect to help preventing colds and the flu. It is also a recognized antioxidant in the fight against free radicals and cellular aging.

-Vitamin K is responsible for transporting calcium to the bones and prevents it from being deposited in inappropriate places such as the arteries. It promotes blood clotting which makes it a perfect dietary supplement for those who recently had surgery.

-Vitamin H helps maintaining skin and hair.

-Proteins, when transformed into amino acids, strengthen the immune system and defenses.

-The high content of iron helps fighting anemia.

-Alfalfa sprouts are rich in calcium necessary for the bones.

-Alfalfa sprouts also fight muscle fatigue and improve the intestinal transit due to its content of magnesium.

-The dietary fibre contributes to a feeling of satiety with low caloric intake and facilitates digestion.

-Alfalfa can act similarly to estrogen, which can help correcting a lack of this hormone, as in menopause. For this reason, excessive consumption is not recommended during pregnancy or if hormonal contraceptives are taken, as it may reduce their effectiveness. It also helps to correct menstrual disorders.

-Enzymes facilitate digestion and reduce the levels of blood cholesterol.

Alfalfa is the lettuce of the sprouts. Due to its mild taste and very fine texture, it’s an aliment which fits everywhere. As a garnish to a dish, dressed with virgin olive oil and toasted sesame. It’s worth mentioning that a very sour vinaigrette reduces its texture and can mask its subtlety of taste.

It can also be incorporated, as in salads, creams or smoothies. But in sandwiches it’s where they can add a more differentiating touch.

Adding it to a soup, right at the end of cooking, can also help make it more nutritious and tastful.

Llavors d’alfals de cultiu ecològic.

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