Brots germinats de rave morat BIO

El germinat de rave morat, amb un picant lleugerament més suau que el del rave blanc de la varietat Daikon (també dins de la gamma de Brot d’Or), és capaç d’animar qualsevol amanida, ja sigui pel seu sabor com pel seu color.

70 gr – 200 gr

2,95 7,99 


The high content of vitamin C gives radish sprouts strong antioxidant properties. Actually, this vegetable is considered a great solution against scurvy.

Its components contribute to the formation of collagen, a base for the development of nerves, tendons and bone joints. It also facilitates iron absorption, helping cicatrization.

The consumption of radish sprouts is a blessing for the digestive system. Thanks to its capability to increase intestinal microbiota, it results very convenient for people with a low-functional intestine.

In the same way, it is capable of neutralising harmful bacteria that are responsible for the production of gases, putrefaction and a bloated feeling.

It’s interesting for people that are chronically constipated as well as for those affected by colitis or diarrhea.

It’s also important as a biliary stimulator, helping in digestion and reinforcing the liver.

Due to its richness in fibers, its low-calories level and its richness in potassium, the radish sprouts are useful as a diuretic, helping in the elimination of body fluids with the increase of urination.

It’s ideal for salads, vegetables creams, soups, smoothies and as a garnish for any plate we do.

Its fresh spicy taste gives a light contrast to heavy meals.

Besides giving a colour note, they can fit really good with some dairy products like yogurt sauce or creamy cheeses.

Llavors de rave morat de cultiu ecològic

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