Brots germinats de porro BIO

El germinat de porro és el “germà tímid” del de ceba. Malgrat tenir una marcada personalitat en el paladar, és notablement més suau. Amb tot, les seves qualitats nutricionals són molt similars.

50 – 200 gr

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Leeks, being rich in dietary fiber, have a high satiating power. They are ideal in weight loss diets. It promotes intestinal transit, digestion and combats constipation.

In addition, this fiber also helps to increase the intestinal flora which, together with selenium, strengthens our body's defenses and protects us from disease.

Like onions, they fight coughs and bronchitis.

Leeks contain a sulfur compound called allicin which stimulates the immune system and is antiseptic.

Due to its high content of vitamins C, E and B6, leeks improve blood circulation and lower cholesterol.

Due to its antioxidant activity, it attacks free radicals, which are responsible for plaque in the arterial walls.

Leek reduces inflammation of the ankles and hands, as well as being very good for the proper functioning of the kidney and liver.

High levels of potassium and low sodium levels prevent diseases such as hypertension, gout or kidney stones, as well as they combat fluid retention.

Due to its content of folate and vitamin B9, eating leeks is highly suitable for pregnant women and children in the growing age and during breastfeeding; preventing diseases of the fetus such as spina bifida.

Regular consumption of leeks prevents diseases such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins, thanks to their high zinc content and their effectiveness in diluting the blood.

It’s perfect for salads, creams and soups. Its marked personality will allow us to obtain an optimal result with just a few strands of this product.

Llavors de porro de cultiu ecològic

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