Brots germinats d’asparagus BIO

Asparagus és el nom comercial que rep el brot de pèsol quan ha estat privat de la llum, igual que succeeix amb els espàrrecs blancs. A això es deu la seva tonalitat ivori, un sabor que ens recordarà al pèsol i una atractiva textura cruixent i gens fibrosa.

50 – 200 gr

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-The nutritional qualities of Asparagus are very similar to those of pea sprouts, although there are some differences.

-Because of the fact of being deprived of light and not performing photosynthesis, they do not provide chlorophyll. On the other hand, the content of enzymes diamino oxidase, which are very beneficial against migraines and headaches, is rising significantly.

-Its high content of protein is one of its main attractions. That’s why it is indicated for vegetarian diets and for improving muscle mass.

-Rich in dietary fibers they improve the intestinal transit.

-One should also be aware that, being a source of iron, calcium and vitamin C, they fight fatigue and promote the functioning of digestive enzymes. They also serve to control the blood sugar level of diabetics.

As in the case of most sprouts, the best way to get the most out of them is consuming them raw. The treatment that can be given is very similar to that of the pea, although it must be taken into account that we won’t find the herbal touches of it.

They bring a freshening taste and a crunchy texture. They can do this in a sandwich or as part of the filling of a vegetable cannelloni with zucchini as a wrapper.

However, there is no need to set boundaries. A short sauté and over high heat, with a few drops of soy sauce is another option to accompany clams, for example.

Llavors d’asparagus de cultiu ecològic.

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