Brots germinats de gira-sol BIO

Els germinats de gira-sol són la llaminadura dels brots. Es tallen en un moment molt precís del seu desenvolupament. Just després que els dos cotilèdons de la pipa s’alliberin de la pela i passin del blanc al verd, però abans que la planta desenvolupi les fulles pròpiament dites, de textura més aspra. És a dir, mengem la llavor convertida en plántula.

70 gr – 200 gr

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The iron content enriches the blood and the content of phosphorus and calcium maintain bones, the muscle tone and the nervous system. These are some of the nutritional attractions of this product.

Vitamins such as niacin from group B are also present in remarkable amounts, helping to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Glucorafanine is one of the elements most valued by consumers due to its antioxidant qualities. When assimilated, it’s transformed into sulforaphane, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic benefits, as well as regulating the cardiovascular function and cleansing the liver.

Sunflower sprouts, due to their chlorophyll content, help to improve blood circulation, act as an antioxidant, purify the blood and help controling blood pressure.

The taste of the two green leaves is very reminiscent of the sunflower seed, in fact they are its further developed form. That’s why using these sprouts as a snack, either untreated or slightly dressed, is a good coice.

Of course, they can be the protagonists of salads with rather mild vinaigrettes for not masking their subtle taste. The toasted touch of sesame oil is a fitting supplement.

Llavors de gira-sol de cultiu ecològic.

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