Brots germinats de col llombarda BIO

Les llavors de la col llombarda, també coneguda com a col vermella o estatge, produeixen un germinat d’un atractiu color entre rosa i morat i amb un lleuger punt dolç que resulta molt interessant en la cuina. A més, és un dels productes amb més propietats nutricionals.

70 gr – 200 gr

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-The sprouts of the Lombard cabbage are rich in potassium, which is beneficial for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

-Sulfur compounds add diuretic properties, suitable for eliminating toxins, especially in purifying diets, as well as for people with rheumatic diseases and arthritis.

-Vitamin A, very present in the product, is an important nutrient promoting vision, growth, cell division, reproduction and immunity. It also has antioxidant properties.

-Anthocyanins, responsible for the red colour tones in the case of Lombard cabbage, are a very interesting type of flavonoids because they have an antioxidant power.

-Among other properties of this brassica, we observe that it protects the vision and helps fighting colds, infections and allergies.

-Lombard cabbage is an important source of folic acid, ideal for pregnant women.

-Its selenium content lowers blood pressure, provides oxygen to muscle tissue, produces antibodies, detoxifies heavy metals, prevents sterility and activates the thyroid.

-The glutamine present in Lombard cabbage maintains and improves the regeneration of the intestinal epithelium by increasing the blood flow to the intestine and stomach, and in general to the entire digestive tract.

-Its low caloric intake is recommended in diets aimed at reducing weight and fighting obesity.

As with all sprouts, avoiding cooking is best. Not even with the application of acids that impair its nutritional properties.

But if for once we want to avoid the concept of raw food, we can also use it as a substitute for green cabbage in a trinxat with potato. But in any case with few cooking time.

It’s excellent for accompanying the most substantial meats or added at the end of cooking a stew.

Llavors de col llombarda de cultiu ecològic.

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