Brots germinats de coriandre BIO

El germinat de coriandre és aroma i frescor en estat pur. Si les fulles de la planta adulta són molt valorades per aquestes dues característiques i per les seves propietats nutricionals, el germinat les concentra. És molt utilitzat en les cuines orientals, centreamericanes i del Marroc.

70 – 200 gr

2,95 7,99 


It is a product very rich in vitamins C, B2 and K, so it acts as an anti-inflammatory and becomes an ally against respiratory diseases.

Its antispasmodic and antihistamine properties are known from the essential oils obtained from its seeds.

Its consumption also stimulates appetite and promotes the digestive transit.

Its high content of potassium helps maintaining blood pressure, promotes muscle functioning and participates in protein production.

Although coriander is one of those products that someone can be a fan or a convinced detractor of, we can hardly imagine some of the cuisines of the world without it.

Ceviche, an emblematic dish of Peruvian cuisine, would not be the same without the freshness and the pleasent smell with citric nuances of this plant. The same goes for chopped sauce pico de gallo, as applicable as an accompaniment to countless dishes.

It also brings an olfactory richness to many salads or a couscous from Morocco.

Llavors de coriandre de cultiu ecològic.

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