Brots germinats de ceba BIO

El germinat de ceba és un dels de més marcada personalitat, tant por el seu sabor intens i el seu aspecte, com a por les seves propietats nutricionals, molt similars a les del porro, també en la gamma de Brot d’Or.

50 – 200 gr

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-It should be emphasised that onion acts as a natural antibiotic.

-These sprouts are characterized by their antioxidant properties, which promote the delay of cellular aging.

-Its content of dietary fibre helps regulating the intestinal transit, eliminating toxins and strengthening the intestinal flora.

-It also contributes to the proper functioning of organs such as the gallbladder and liver.

-It’s ideal for fighting colds and the flu thanks to its powerful effect of reducing congestion.

-Vitamin A helps in the development of bones, teeth, soft tissues, mucous membranes and skin. Its deficiency is closely related to acne.

-Vitamins C and E act as an antioxidant and protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

-Its magnesium content makes it a natural relaxant that helps reducing fatigue and stress.

-Potassium is responsible for the well-known diuretic effect of onions.

The applications can be very diverse, but it should kept in mind that their taste is quite intense. In this sense, it will be enough to use a few strands to bring the whole personality of the onion to a dish.

It is ideal for adding to salads, soups and creams.

Llavors de ceba de cultiu ecològic

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