Brots germinats de col Kale BIO

La col kale ha estat una de les últimes varietats a incorporar-se a la gamma de germinats Brot d’Or. Donat l’interès dels nostres clients per aliments de gran qualitat nutricional, ha estat un dels quals han guanyat més adeptes.

70 gr – 200 gr

2,95 7,99 


Kale has earned the appellation "superfood" for several reasons. Its sprout possesses calcium in high proportions, so it is a good ally to the bone system.

The same thing applies to iron, which is highly beneficial in fighting anemia.

For its part, magnesium helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system and combats muscle fatigue.

But it is likely that it has become that popular because of its antioxidant properties. Glucosilonates, nitriles, carotenoids and flavonoids are substances related to the prevention of the formation of cancer cells.

Vitamins A and C act as immune elements and fight cellular aging.

Vitamin K, in addition to helping to bind calcium, promotes blood clotting This makes it a perfect dietary supplement for those who recently had surgery.

It stands out for its richness in fiber and protein, as well as its low energy intake. That’s why it is a very advisable food to satiate the body in diets to lose weight.

We can give it a treatment similar to that of other cabbages. Adding it to our stews, mixing it with mashed potatoes or using it in a pasta salad can be very good options, although consuming it raw it’s how we get the most out of its nutrient content.

We can include it in all kinds of salads and as an accompaniment to dishes, both meat and fish.

Llavors de kale de cultiu ecològic.

Envàs biodegradable/compostable.

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